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ONLY ONLINE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE.  R100 includes plastic festival mug.

Join in the fun on 22 June - your tastebuds will love you!

NOTE: There are NO tickets for sale at the gate on the day, and the number of tickets for sale is capped. 

These measures are intended to ensure the Festival is not overcrowded and remains the vibrant, SAFE event we have enjoyed every year.

Gates open at 9 am
Taps open at 10 am
Entertainment commences at 11am
Taps Close at 5:30pm
Festival ends at 6:00pm

Seating and benches will be provided in beer garden.  You are welcome to bring a camping chair.
ATM available at Broederstroom and Peacanwood Spar,  3km away.

* No pets allowed.
* No cooler boxes.

Taste Teasers

Copperlake Brewery

Copper Lake Breweries

"As brew master I fill kegs with fruity well rounded Copper lake English Ale for a living.  Emptying them is more of a hobby!" English Ale English ale Mild fruity granadilla and hop aroma Light copper colour with moderate white head. low carbonation. Medium bitterness and maltiness. An easy-drinking beer 5%  ...

The Ale House

The Ale House

"I love my trailer trash blonde.  Strong hoppy notes from healthy additions of Apollo hops. Jip that trailer is flying to the moon and back with one sip. Also has a earthy toasted crystal malt maltiness. Like home baked oats cookies.." Pair the trailer trash blonde with something sweet, hot or spicy....think Asian Salad, chilli, mango salsa.  And to end off a meal, the trailer trash blonde and a slice of nutty pecorino cheese, emmenthaler or mature cheddar....

Brauhaus am Damm

Brauhaus am Damm

"Brauhaus Dunkel is my favorite because it was my very first beer which I ever brewed, in a cookpot at home. This dank lager combines roast malt, coffee and caramel flavours in perfect harmony with a pleasant bitterness that lingers on for a moment." This Dunkel pairs well with rich, creamy, buttery foods.  Think of roast, braised or even braaied lamb. Camembert is a tasty cheese-beer pairing.  And with a dessert of pears and walnuts, this is a winning combination....

Featured Craft Beer

Cockpit Brewhouse

Cockpit Brewhouse

The Brewhouse features numerous diverse types of high quality beers (ales), brewed on site to suit the tastes and c...

Boston Breweries

Boston Breweries

"The key to our continued growth and success lies in a superbly enjoyable, hand-made product, loyal customers and o...

The Ale House

The Ale House

"Uniting fine beer and serene cuisine. "Awesome beer, awesome friends.  Enjoy our mouth watering beer and deli...

Copperlake Brewery

Copper Lake Breweries

 Join us as we save South Africans from wine, one pint at a time... with the crisp refreshing lager, fruity ar...

Local Food and Produce

Breyers Deli

BREYERS DELI was founded on the principles of great food, prepared in traditional ways, without using colorants or ...

Super Nuts

"I have been providing quality dried fruit and nuts for the past 18 years." ...

Baha Taco

Baha Taco

"Mexican Street Food, freshly hand-made with seasonal ingredients" ...

Extra! Extra!

Artisinal Craft Forged

YstervegterThe Solstice Festival will showcase the ancient craft of blacksmith and his forge.

Meet Coenraad Vegter at the Festival.  Coenraad has produce high quality metal work using age old blacksmithing techniques in combination with modern technology since 1998.

With every commission, YsterVegter Forge design and produce ironwork with consideration for the architecture of the site and the client’s specific needs. 

The range of ornamental ironwork include architectural metalwork and fittings, drive gates and fences, household items, furniture, sculptural and small decorative items.

The Industrial work include all forms of forge work and bending, for manufacturing ladles, chisels, punches, hooks, tongs and other tools.

YsterVegter Forge supply specialised blacksmith forged tongs to the Steel, Foundry and Casting Industries, Knife makers, Farriers and Blacksmiths.

Come and see this ancient craft and a working forge on 22 June!



Sword FightingOrusta Warriors at the Solstice

Medieval Warriors from the Orusta Battle Group come to the Solstice Festival and demonstrate the art of sword fighting in period-correct costume.

The demonstrations reflect a heritage of Sword fighting from Scandanavia, Germany, Scotland, Ireland and even China.

Up to ten men will engage in freestyle sword fighting.



Cigar Club comes to the Solstice FestivalThe Solstice Festival is compliant with the new outdoor smoking requirements, and as a special treat, presents products from the "Cigar Club" for your enjoyment.

You can visit the Cigar Club on line too.

The Solstice Festival

The Solstice Festival is an annual winter celebration hosted by The Ale House in Broederstroom.

This Festival has a distinctly laidback atmosphere.  The scenic setting, looking over the Magaliesberg mountain range, adds to the general ambiance.

The Festival this year marries Craft Beer with exquisite local produce.  Pairing breweries and local food is the enviable task of food sensation- master chef David Brown and Anton Erasmus of South African Breweries.

The Solstice Festival acknowledges the sponsorship of SAB's World of Beer, and the ongoing support for the Craft Brew industry.  This sector is growing evey year, and the result is exceptional quality and variety.

Bring your taste buds to a festival of tast and flavour.  The best food and craft in the Magaliesberg region on offer on 22 June, the Winter Solstice.

Festival News

Tickets to enjoy the Solstice Festival are ONLY available online. There will be no entry on the day without a ticket, and no tickets will be on sale at the gate.

Musicians and Bands

Haggis and Bong

  Haggis and Bong- traditional Celtic music ...

River of Benko

  Frontman Master Toby Benko.   ...


  Pierre van Staden is the Bluesman.   ...


  An acoustic band to make your toes ta...